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Never depend on someone else to produce the RESULTS you want in your LIFE! Only you care about your "destiny" that much - trust me - GO GET IT! -Mrs. MaxOUT

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Usual Characters

July 8, 2014

Automating customer loyalty has become a very popular way of guaranteeing that the “usual character” walk through your doors.  Repeat business needs to be one of your main priorities specifically because the market is “buyer-centric” now.               Consolidate customer data by uniting it all under one software program. Your … Read More

The Road to Customer Loyalty

July 3, 2014

It is wise for all businesses to be concerned about the service that they provide to their customers.  There are always 10 other businesses just like yours that will take your place if at any time your existing customers are not happy with your products, services or business.  As an entrepreneur, you will need to … Read More

Measurement Process.

June 26, 2014

There are many different ways to measure a single process.  You will have to set specific measurement processes and rules before you begin testing and measuring your new processes.  That means identifying how to measure your processes correctly.  It is important to establish these units of measurement so that you can control, self-assess, improve, and … Read More

The Voice when You’re not Around…

June 24, 2014

A business plan is a great first step for an entrepreneur, but an Operations Manual is the collection of actionable routes to take to achieve the lofty goals laid out in your business plan. A wise entrepreneur constantly works on their operations manual, tweaking and adding to it as the months roll by. Every Operation … Read More

Retain the Talent You Train…

June 19, 2014

In any successful business model, the boss will need to make provision for talented individuals that choose to come and work for your company. During your many operational processes you will see who is capable and worth nurturing for management positions, or positions of leadership.   It is the worst mistake in the world to … Read More

The Power of Systematic Automation…

June 17, 2014

Right now there are dozens of systems that can be drastically improved, if only you knew how to automate them! For some inexplicable reason automation has had some bad press over the last few years, but there is nothing wrong with making your business more efficient by automating systems that you and your employees do not … Read More

The Rule You need to Survive…

June 13, 2014

What if I told you that your business is not your own private source of money? I once mentored a small business owner that sold food out of a food truck. She could not understand why she was not making any money, when she had tried everything. Immediately I assessed the problem – she was … Read More

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